If not Aperture, then what are you using on your Mac?

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Re: NX2

One of the main things I like about iPhoto is how it automatically sorts my pictures into events based on the EXIF data, and when I open iPhoto I see a whole screen of these events and I can mouse over any over of them to quickly see its contents. I think this is brilliant!!! I suspect it can be done in Aperture as well though I have seen it.

With regard to the strange library format, I agree it can be annoying. If you dive into the library (ctrl-click) you will see iPhoto keep two separate directory structures, one for all original photos, and a parallel one for all modified photos (so you can always revert to original if you like). To further complicate things it also maintains a thumbnail directory (which is why the mouse over browser is so fast) and a faces directory (for the dumb face recognition SW to store all the faces it finds).

If you really don't like the complicated library there is an alternative. You can tell iPhoto to leave your photos where they are (in your own directory structure) rather than importing them.

Of course, the integration with other Apple apps is seamless (like IOS devices or viewing photos from Apple TV for example). It is truly amazing that this application is practically free.

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