LA-EA2 Compatible with Sigma 24mm F2.8?

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Re: The LA-EA2 gives full A mount aperture control ...

tobicy68 wrote:

Just went to the Sony Store and the assistant was actually kind enough to let me try it out in the store with the lens. The sad part is it doesn't work. Aperture number didn't show up but only "F--". Went to another store and again the assistant is very kind to let me try and mess around with the settings. But nothing worked. Can't change aperture :-(. So hopefully ppl would know about this in the future about this lens. It's not compatible with the LA-EA2.

Thanks for the report.  I have the same Sigma, but the earlier MF version, and it won't work on the 7 with the LA-EA1 in terms of showing f/stop.  I was thinking perhaps the LA-EA2 would solve this, so glad to know the answer.  The Sigma is surprisingly good with my A65.  Of course no AF, but all readouts work properly including focus confirmation.  Very sharp.

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