If not Aperture, then what are you using on your Mac?

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Re: NX2

Squirrel7 wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

I find it interesting that people om pare iPhoto with LR and Aperture. iPhoto is a free Mickey Mouse photo organiser with a rubbish filing system. LR and aperture are grown u editors and more.

Mickey mouse? Iphoto may be a lot better than you think. I would ask, what do you like better about Aperture (aside from editing abilities)? I do all my tagging in photo mechanic, and editing in NX2. For jpegs I just need a place to display them. What could be better than iPhoto?

I just never liked it, try as much as I could, I find it annoying. Also as i said it has an unhelpful filing system. For my personal stuff as well as LR i use ACDSee (I'm not sure if this runs on a  Mac though), it does everything iPhoto does but better and works on your folder structure as you want it, not it wants it.

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