Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Re: Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

mpeman wrote:

...and yet here we are. Weighing the merits of how the verbosity of the complaints rather than the discussions contained therein.

I can only speak for myself. What I am weighing is the gravity of the situation that is merely characterized by the sheer numbers of complaints and the resultant actions of those complaining. More plainly, there are a lot of people who are unsatisfied with the direction or the uncertainty of direction of Olympus Four Thirds Products. It's not just one or two party poopers, but many of the previously staunchest Olympus supporters. Furthermore, they are not just complaining, they are selling off their gear and going elsewhere.

That alone should point to the problem. To state that these complaints are common fodder says more about the complaints, perhaps, than the camera and system being discussed.

In my opinion that's kind of like saying that a building fire is not the problem, it's the people running around yelling fire. When you have a sizable number people that WERE happy to spend their money at Olympus (I'm talking those who owned multiple SHG lenses) who are now happier spending their money at Nikon or elsewhere, or have felt forced to make the compromises necessary to embrace the OMD, I tend to think that it indeed says more about the camera and system being discussed. The complaints are merely the symptom, not the problem.

It sure is easier to dissect and ruminate than to be clever and perhaps even helpful. And that sage bit of wisdom WAS given to me by someone at the company who dared listen to OGPS members. At least they know how to whittle down the chafe.

At this stage in the game, it's not me that needs to be clever and helpful, but rather Olympus. If their whittling down to the chafe amounts to saying that it's the buyer's fault rather than their (lack of) product, they probably need to get out of the camera business and become career politicians.

All that said...it sure does make for one sour forum, when it probably doesn't deserve to be one. If you want to see evidence of that just look over at the Kodak SLR forum. Now that's dead.

It need not make for a sour forum, just some sour threads, balanced out by some sweet ones like the the weekly photo challenges etc. That is supposed to be the beauty of the way this place is laid out. If you are totally satisfied with your gear, you start or participate in the threads that reflect your interests. And if it were to make for a sour forum, that would indicate to me that something outside of the forum needs to change, or the forum's stated purpose should change. If an Olympus fan club were started instead, I would definitely agree that perhaps the conversation and discussion should dwell solely on the pleasantries of owning Olympus gear.

Hopefully I haven't been disrespectful or have said anything that will be cause for removing this post, as that has not been my intent. But one thing that I've hoped the moderators would do is to facilitate the airing of more than one point of view on a given topic, giving individuals the benefit of seeing both sides of a debate, allowing them making up their own minds based on the merits of the arguments presented, and intervening mainly when the line is crossed between discussing the subject and attacking a person for his views.


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