Metabones Speed Booster - Vignetting with Tele-Lenses

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to jpr2

jpr2 wrote:

...while all is set very well and beautifully clear with the three red crops, marking the extents of different FOV combinations:

what is the extent of the whole frame (I mean which lens + body?)

And while taking of the last blog entry and specifically about fixing SB for infinity with ZE lenses - when you are screwing the lens in (or out) in SB - does the whole assembly of four lens groups moves back and forth? That is the lens in front advances, say 1mm, and at the same time the lens at the back gets driven inside adapter by 1mm as well? Or just the front of the SB's lens moves, and the back is fixed in the same place?


Hi Quercy,

the whole frame is from Canon 5D MII and EF 50 f1.2 L. It is written above the frame. I downsized the other two images, to match them in PS. This way, differences in FOV are more obvious I hope.

To yours second question = I have to try it again to be able to answer, but its not that easy, because I left my super little screwdriver at the office. So hopefully, next week.

BTW it is interesting that in Khaw samples, there is no heavy vignetting in the extreme corners. My EF/NEX version shows vignetting at all lenses above 35mm and it is getting worse as the lens is stopped down.

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