External drive recomendations and backups

Started Feb 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
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External drive recomendations and backups

Am getting more serious about my photography and looking to turn pro. I want to buy some external HD's and set up for storage and backing up.

I have read many posts here about it, there's lots to weigh up and consider!

I have a macbook pro 17" (early 2011) with 750Gb HD + a G Tech 500Gb thunderbolt portable external HD.  I have and want to learn more about aperture 3.

My inital thoughts are:

1) Use the 500 Gb portable drive (or get a 750Gb one) to do Time Machine back-ups of the MB pro while on the road and keep images I'm currently working on the MBP - in case the MB pro dies or gets stolen etc.

2) Two 1-2Tb external thunderbolt drives at home (clones/copies of each other) to hold the bulk of my images, maybe with Aperture libraries.  To hold original raw files + finished files (jpegs?) of the same images.

3) Possible basic steps

a) SD card into MB pro via expansion slot (I already have the reader)

b) Aperture 3 to download from card to library and simultaneously to portable HD, so 2 copies already made and cards can be formatted ready to go again

c) At home, copy or use Time Machine etc. to back up to the 2 larger drives.

What external drives and procedures does everyone use? Any suggestions on external drives and/or procedures?



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