Canon "M" lag and focus disappointment

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Sorry to hear about your experiences...

Sheldon Bowles wrote: .....I'm shocked at the shutter lag and the problems it has focusing. If I'd bought an $80 point and shoot I'd have expected better focusing and far less shutter lag. I'm astounded that in 2013 a camera can balk like this one does.

I still have much to learn about using it, but I doubt the shutter lag is going to get better, or the camera focus improve. The focus is especially bad (I don't mean iffy, I mean bad) in low light --- even when the focus assist light is booming away on a nearby target. I was off today to the Volcano National Park and the M wouldn't focus on the plume of smoke from the caldera. My old S80 wouldn't have any problem with that.

I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment with the EOS-M.

I've owned the EOS-M since the day it was released here and it's become my favorite camera for fun photography and occasional media-related work.  I can capture shots with it that normal P&S cameras have no hope of obtaining and I can generate certain lens-effects (eg Bokeh) that I can't obtain with other non-DSLR cameras.

I've found the AF to be VERY accurate and I've found AF speed to be generally acceptable, perhaps with the exception of the 100mm f/2.8L Macro lens which is unusually slow to focus but can be very useful otherwise.  Canon have said that mirrorless cameras are slower than DSLRs.  And they're right because mirrorless cameras generally are.  I've only been using my EOS-M with Prime lenses but I tried it with the 18-55mm EF-M lens in the store and it was pretty darned fast to me.  I know the 22mm lens is not as fast but this is generally well known.  I don't know what lenses you were using with your camera but I have found that different EF lenses have different speeds on this camera body.

​EOS-M: This image here (taken with AF) is simply not possible with the majority of other types of camera unless you are shooting with Manual Focus.   Two taps on the lower RH side of the screen brought up a 5x magnification window which enabled me to target the reptile's eyeball as the main focus target area.

I use the EOS-M for shots that involve LOW LIGHT or require SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD.  For general use I prefer the G1X as a substitute for DSLRs.  It gives me exceptionally good images in lower light than I might get from any other type of compact camera.  It's true that nothing comes close to a full-frame Canon DSLR ...other than perhaps a Nikon full-frame DSLR.  So you've had to step down a little from your 5D II, at least in terms of performance and speed.

You should get accurate AF in most instances with one exception:  I have found that where reflections (chrome, mirrors, water) are involved, the AF may not properly lock.  So either take a second shot or check your last picture to be sure the image was captured correctly.  It's pretty rare but I have noticed it happen but only with reflections... and possibly only with the sun reflecting at a certain SPECIFIC angle.  Perhaps it was just me and my camera.  If anyone else has noticed it, chime in and let me know.

​Taken at night with the EOS-M and no flash.  Even my G1X wouldn't get such a clean shot with as much bokeh at night without a flash.

In the meantime, I really enjoy using the EOS-M as a DSLR substitute.  It's small and doesn't draw too much attention from the general public.  I can obtain some lovely shots of special occasions when I have need and I like the image quality from this camera.  People using it as a stepping stone to move up from a Compact camera will appreciate the image quality but I'm fairly sure that people stepping "down" to one from a higher end full-frame DSLR are going to notice a massive difference in speed and overall performance.

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