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Re: Fading colours

G'day again Daniel

Daniel Lauring wrote:

John King wrote:

So that leaves me in charge of my own printing - no fights, and if it is stuffed up, I can only blame myself ...

I understand you situation and it makes sense for you to print...especially if you run a business where you do so much of it, and you get paid for it. The Costco I go to uses excellent Fuji printers that have very stable inks. I have had prints come back inexplicably oversaturated. You can make the choice not to let them modify the files, but I think occasionally it happens anyway...or maybe it is human error on my part (forgot to uncheck the box.) On the rare occasions that happens I usually just reprint them. It is so darn cheap!

These things are very much personal preferences for every one of us.
If everyone thought as I do, Epson (etc) would sell a lot more pro printers ....

One of my main problems is colour correctness. My touchstone is to put a print of a car on the bonnet of the car and not be offended by the comparison! Same for a flower shot - hold the print up next to the original occasionally.
This cannot be achieved with sRGB, not even if PP in a 16 bit colour space. One really needs to go to a wide gamut, equal axis colour space such as ProPhotoRGB (known by a confusingly large number of names ... usually "wide gamut") and PP using 16 bit, not 8.

I also never use JPEGs for printing - far too much data loss, even with zero PP.

Most people like colours to be a bit over-saturated, from what I can gather. I aim to achieve colour accuracy; critical sharpness and framing in my images. I try to be my own harshest critic ...

BTW, I am an amateur. I do this for the love of it; not for money.

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Regards, john from Melbourne, Australia.

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