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Re: Fading colours

Gidday Daniel

Daniel Lauring wrote:

John King wrote:

Sorry, I should have included the WIR table for the Epson R3880 here:

I think that 100 to 200+ years is fairly acceptable for displayed prints ...
Of course, these figures are dependent on using OEM inks and specific papers.

My last Epson printer, I think it might be a 2200?, is still sealed in the box. I can't print as cheap places like Costco, and if you tune to their profiles, the prints come out pretty good. I have had a few times where they seem to have mucked with the tuning, but for the most part, the results are as good, or better than I could do, for one tenth the price.

A couple of things ...

We don't have Costco ...

"Pretty good" is not the quality I am aiming for ...

When talking to pro print labs, A2 prints start at around $50, for starters ... Mention 16 bit files in ProPhotoRGB and specific papers and the price basically increases 100% for each step ... UGH! Many printer shops I have spoken to don't even know what 16 bit files are, or ProPhotoRGB ...

I also do not feel competent to prepare images properly for someone else to print. I am very picky about my prints ... I have yet to have one I'm not happy with. I have seen a lot of "professionally printed" competition images that I wouldn't accept ...

Being very cognisant of the pitfalls of print permanence, I am also loth to put my faith in unknown techs, using unknown inks on unknown papers, using low-bit images, and sRGB colour space ...

So that leaves me in charge of my own printing - no fights, and if it is stuffed up, I can only blame myself ...

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Regards, john from Melbourne, Australia.

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