Canon's answer to how ETTL works

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Re: Canon's answer to how ETTL works

Zee Char wrote:

Starshot wrote:

No it says it does compensate for the flash. The preflash is weakened so the light reflected back will show as too low and get compensated

Hmm. I see what you are saying but it was pretty wishy washy answer IMO. He did not say yes or no. Perhaps it attempts to but there is no guarantee it will hit it. Makes sense since it is comparing ambient to the flash reflection. If he knew it could he would have said so directly. I can live with that.

Quite a conversation at POTN about this with people more knowledgeable than me who ran tests with all types of diffusers. The only they found consistent was consistent over and underexposure.

One statement from a member who is a pro about ETTL

"I have a better analogy. ETTL is like a woman...just when you think you understand her, she surprises you with another totally unexpected behaviour that you would never have predicted. And even when you change nothing at all, sometimes she changes her behavior unpredictably.

Does not really matter to me as I'm not suffering. I get great flash exposures. I just know I'm going to have to tweak the FEC to hit the sweat spot even when I try to predict it.

Thanks for your input.

Basically the camera doesn't know that there's a diffuser, but it still sees that the flash is underpowered just as it would if it were bounced..

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