If not Aperture, then what are you using on your Mac?

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Re: If not Aperture, then what are you using on your Mac?

DiploStrat wrote:


Been running Aperture since release 1.5 in about 2006. Never lost an image or suffered any such hiccups. I don't use vaults, but rather depend on Time Machine, SuperDuper! and Crashplan. (Basically, I simply include all of my photos as something that I want to back up along with everything else.) Touch wood, I have never had to stress test any of this, but Aperture is stable - don't let that worry you.

Aperture and Lightroom are both great; I think Aperture has the better database and Lightroom may have a few better tools. (I dislike Lightroom's interface, but I could get used to it if I saw a real advantage to the application.) I also use Photoshop Elements for calendars and special projects that may require layers. In other words, less than ten images in a hundred.

This brings up a final question - why would you want to keep using iPhoto; Aperture is by far the more powerful application.

What do you mean by you dislike LR's interface? You just hit CTRL E and the image opens in PS. Couldn't be easier.

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