Dye or pigment inks and refillable cartridges for Epson Artisan 1430

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Some additional info for you

I have the (virtually same but earlier) 1400 and have been using inkjetfly.com pigment inks for several years now with fine results (one with the IJF CIS and other with their refillable cartridges). Because I do not use plastic type photo papers (I print on Canson watercolour papers) I use their Matte Black with the "normal" colour pigment inks, so the black does not suit gloss or similar surfaces. However, Leo offers an alternative black that can work fine with the gloss and suchlike papers. I have never had any problems with pigment inks - even though Epson designed the printer for dye inks. He also provides a profile for using the pigment inks with Epson gloss papers - which works fine with other gloss papers too.  Obviously (or should be) the IJF dye inks are also very high quality.  There are several different suppliers for inkls and refillables - up to you which you go for but I have found (using my office DX7400 AIO with the dye inks) fading occurs fairly early on with the photo plastic papers, so would not use them for any work for display or wanted for longer life purposes.  I think the paper/dye combination is the weak link, especially compared to using pigment inks, as I do, with acid-free art watercolour and cartridge papers.  Even dye inks have much longer life with such papers.

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