Did you see the interview with the Canon Exec.?

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This made my plans easier.... i am probably switching to...something else.

I'm not sure if the guy was talking straight and "nothing but the truth"... Anyway, my plan is NOT to haul around  heavy and even heavier equipment.

7D gives very good quality to all prints i can possibly AFFORD to print - just printed a part of a series in A3+ size - no noise and superb resolution.... NO point in going full frame .

At first  Canon's FF 6D looked like a good idea - which it partially is. But if i go that way , i have to buy a new super WA to replace my 10-22  and macro 60mm ( means 2000-€ in lenses + 6D body 1900€ =4000€) - that sum is just something i am not going to pay - for a hobby.

Now i own a 7D with some lenses ( EF , L and EF-s) a G1x and older G12   and i'm not very happy when i haul around my DSLR with lenses...  G1X is good but far from perfect - for me


I want equipment that i can carry around when i travel and i want good IQ - no action shooting or BIF really (7D is still good for that if i want ).

MY PLAN is the following  - and Canon should think about this because i'm just a normal amateur - almost advanced. Im over 50 and i need reading glasses - good optical finder OR a good EVF is almost essential (G1X does not have that)


I am going to keep my 7D and the lenses i have - i will not buy more Canon lenses -  and i will use the G1X as a "pocketable camera" ,

BUT my new investment will be a camera like Fuji X-E1 with 18-55 zoom and possibly one lightweight prime (not sure).  I get superior IQ - almost on par with 6D , absolutely less weight (that i can happily  haul around)  and i save more than 2000€.

What are they thinking? And why are they not making a M series system with an EVF

I'm not especially "disappointed" in Canon - i just see that there are other camera makers , that make gear for my NEW needs. Canon cameras and especially 7D are great , but... is Canon really following what is happening. In the future nobody wants to haul 5 kgs of camera gear in a backpack around Venice ... i do not want to break my neck if i want to enjoy photography, i want a shoulder bag that contains less than 1kg of hardware .

G1X in Venice

Night shot with G1X

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