Has anyone with a K-5II or K-5IIS retested SDM lenses with a TC?

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Re: Thanks for your reply.

eenymac wrote:

What I find strange Ron, is that I have used the Kenko 1.5x Pz-AF TC on my Sigma 50-500mm without any problems (in good light). It didn't have the same focus hunting probems that the 50-150 and 300mm had and pretty much locked on every time... weird!

Yep, I too used mine with the Bigma APO OS HSM with no problems.

This whole TC problem with SDM lenses and some HSM lenses has really bugged me for 4 or 5 years now. The best way to use one with the DA*300/4 is to manually pre-focus the D*300/4 to get it close, then the autofocus will usually lock on very quickly. However, then you can only use it against static subjects. For this reason, Pentax should IMO, give us a danged 400mm f5.6 lens.

Very frustrating. If I didn't already have so much invested in Pentax I would throw in the towel and switch to Nikon.



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