D4 or D800 for Video?

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Re: D4 or D800 for Video?

Tavarino wrote:

D800 can take really great video, but controlling it is more than a little quirky (please, Nikon, how about a firmware update?). Manual focus and manual exposure are highly recommended, but sometimes they also exhibit flaky behavior which requires the power to be recycled.

That quirkyness was pushing me to the D4 with the wireless thingie, but that's a whole lot of $$$.

For the past few months I have been using the CamRanger wireless interface between my iPad and D800.


You can trigger and monitor the recording and adjust focus and exposure remotely from the iPad. It has a real-time histogram and a host of other features for both video and stills. It's been a real game changer for me. The ability to monitor D800 battery level remotely has saved my bacon more than a few times since video can drain the battery much faster than stills. The CamRanger isn't cheap, but I haven't found anything better for the kind of scenario your describe.

Even so, you can still get some unpredictable behavior, which I suspect is more likely from flaws in the D800 control firmware than from the CamRanger (Nikon? Nikon? Bueller?).

Thank you. I will read up on this before pulling the trigger on this or the D4 solution (which at least has Nikon's blessing).

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