Nikon DSLR for MF lenses

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Get a used D700

Those manual focus primes are great lenses, but their focal lengths make more sense on an FX body than on a crop sensor camera. Where 28mm is nice and wide on FX, it's closer to a normal lens on a DX camera. Similarly, that 105 is great for portraits on FX but more like a 160mm lens on DX.

Using manual focus is also easier on FX cameras compared to the DX ones. The D700, with it's big round eye-piece and bright viewfinder are a perfect match. You also get a more accurate solution for manual focusing with the D700 as it has left and right arrows along with the center dot to tell you which way to turn to get proper focus. You can also add a DK-17m for a bit of extra magnification with those lenses (I just ordered one for my D800 and 105 f/2.5).

The only problem is price. KEH has bargain rated D700s for about $1500, which is brushing up against your budget.

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