Will the Metabones speed booster for M43 be a NEX cast-off?

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Re: Will the Metabones speed booster for M43 be a NEX cast-off?

amalric wrote:

brian wrote:

The M43 version of the Speed Booster will have the same 0.71x reduction factor as the NEX version, so it will boost the aperture by one full stop. I wanted (and tried) to do a version with significantly more reduction for the 4/3 format, but there just wasn't enough space to do a good job.

What I found was that the 0.7x factor was at the edge of an aberration "cliff". At 0.7x I could do a good job of aberration correction, but even if I tried dropping down to 0.68x or 0.69x the aberrations increased dramatically.

The M43 version does use its own unique optical formula optimized for the smaller format. As a result, the corners are significantly sharper than if we had simply "re-cycled" the NEX optics.

Well this settles it

Let me just ask about an extreme experiment I have in mind. I would like to try a FF linear fish eye i liked v. much, except that the 4/3 crop factor spoiled it - the Zenitar 16/2.8.

When you stop it down it becomes v. sharp, it is made of metal and quite compact, so the idea of matching it to a Metabones's SB is quite attractive to me. Do you think that a FE will render well at the edges when converted to m4/3 BTW of the SB?

Thank you!


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Combined with the SB your 16/2.8 will become an 11.4/2.0, which still might not be wide enough for you.  Image quality should be fine, however.

If you want to cover 180 degrees corner-to-corner with a fisheye on M43 you would need an 8mm lens

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