... perhaps a D700E then? ... or S ... or X ... or whatever

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Re: ... perhaps a D700E then? ... or S ... or X ... or whatever

I was in a similar position as yourself until last Thursday - couldn't decide whether or not to risk a D600 and prospect of endless sensor cleaning, or a D800 and possible left focus issues. But having come from owning a couple of D700's I had pretty high expectations. The D700 really is a great camera and I've never had any problems with either of the two bodies. Remember, this is the camera with an almost identical sensor to the famed D3 that broke all previous low light capabilities - it darned near re wrote the rule books for photography and freed many photgraphers from the shackles of needing to use flash in low light situations.

However last Thursday I bit the bullet and bought the D800E. I've only done a few test shots to check for the LH focus error and whether I needed to calibrate focus on my key lenses - but all is GOOD!

I don't know what the used market is like where you are but I've recently noticed a heap of D3 trade-ins selling for similar prices (or not that much more) as used D700's - pretty much the same price as a new D600 here in OZ.

If you never intend to print much bigger than A3+ then a used D700 or D3 will do you very well.

Incidently, I was amazed at the tone of some of the responses you received to your post - some people have great difficulty being pleasant on these forums.

Good luck with your pondering and waiting ...

Regards, Thomo

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