K5 II with 18-135 as a start

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Re: K5 II with 18-135 as a start

HPS3 wrote:

I'm going to jump in and say I just sold my D600 and lenses and tonight recieved a K5II with the 18-55 WR, Rokinon 8mm fisheye, Sigma 30 f1.4 and Pentax 43 Ltd. Back in December I had the D600 and K5IIs and ended up keeping the D600. For the past month I grew tired of the small focus area and dust/oil issue. I also just didn't like the ergonomics compared to the K5. I came from Sony Nex 7 and the D600 just felt like a huge brick. I like the size of the K5 with the primes.

I am giving a different opinion here:

I am selling my K-5, I will keep some of the lenses for a future new release of a Pentax APS-C. I bought a Canon 5D, a 50m/f1.4 and couldn't be happier. Now I am stuck in the middle of the decision to buy a 24-70mm USM mark I, or the Mark II (way more expensive) or the Tamron VC 24-70 for FF. In the meanwhile I am using my Takumar, Rikenon M42s in the Canon with adapters, but I found that I like more the performance of the old Olympus Zuiko lenses in the Canon using an OM-to-EOS adapter

FF lenses are expensive and there is not IBIS in Canon or Nikon (only Sony, but FF Sony lenses are also really expensive).

Probably what you should do, if time, resources and availability allow it, is try both systems.

Personally I don't mind the heavier load of the FF, as I believe carrying some weight comes with the trade. I found the ergonomics of the Canon 5D very good and, the way the FF sensor resolves light is what I was looking for.

I don't want to start a separate discussion here, but I am now convinced that for my style I like the FF way more than the K-5.. and I still love the K-5

Then like most members here have already said, you have to decide on your own according to your needs, shooting style. But I believe that FF is way superior than APS-C. It's just the basic laws of physics... If you buy the Nikon D600, you still can convert it to "APS-C" using the Nikon DX lenses. The camera automatically will crop to 60% of the size of the sensor, about 13 MP.

Just do some more research about DOF, HDR in low light performance, resolution, etc. FF are vastly superior than APS-Cs. Look at examples from other forums. It is like the D600 can shoot almost completely in the dark w/p a tripod (I am just exaggerating a bit :|).

What convinced me to buy the Canon was the long thread about the 5D classic in POTN EOS (google it).

Here I am just posting a few of images from the Canon 5D.

And don't forget that is also about the person behind the camera but the camera needs to be the right one!

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