What went wrong with this shot D5100 with f/1.8 lens

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Re: What went wrong with this shot D5100 with f/1.8 lens

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Hi all.

Taking shots at a school performance in a dark gym with no flash.

Most of the shots came out very nice, but a few came out like the shot below.

What happened here? It is a mess. Due to the low light I am fighting for a usable properly exposed picture, but to me this picture seems to have gotten over-exposed (not to mention blurry due to the long shutter speed).

The camera seems to sometimes want to use a lower shutter speed resulting in blurred over-exposed images. Sometimes the same settings gave a nice shot. Other times shots taken at faster shutter speeds came out looking much better.

I guess the point is that while taking shots using P mode and A mode, most shots came out looking pretty good, but a handful came out looking like the shot below. What causes such discrepancy? How can I prevent it? For the shot below I would have much preferred a faster shutter speed but in the low light the camera tries to keep the shutter speed slow. However, on many shots it used faster speed and those shots came out better even though it was low light.


It boggles my mind why blame the camera..etc... when you can use manual exposure, manual iso and get consistent results in indoor situations such as this. I just don't understand why its always the cameras fault.

You have 2 posts. Probably should chill.

oh that? yeah sorry, i probably spent too much time outside.

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