70-200 f4 VR tested on Photozone

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Re: 70-200 f4 VR tested on Photozone

I found that at distance my 70-200/4 was sharper than my 70-200/2.8VRII at 200mm - particularly in the corners.  At shorter focal lengths it was not quite as sharp as the f/2.8.

At close range I found the opposite.  The 70-200/4 was very very sharp even wide open at 70 to 135mm, but at 200mm it got a bit soft (though still very very usable).

All on my D800.

So I think it very much matters at what distance the test target is at.

Also, my first copy was decentered.  My second copy was better, but it also seems to be decentered in the opposite direction - so it's going to Nikon for adjustment week after next.

I used the TC20EIII a bit and was very surprised at how good the 70-200/4 was stopped down one stop to f/11 at 200mm.

VR is the best of any VR lens I have.

Remember photozone tested only one sample . . . .


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