Couple of shots with Sigma 19mm on NEX7

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Re: Couple of shots with Sigma 19mm on NEX7

When I said a small 8mm Samyang fisheye, I neglected to add in the word "eventually".

When I first got one of these 8mm fisheyes, I had a NEX5n and the larger 3.5 8mm Rokinor (Samyang) fisheye. It worked great. Some corner fringing but what the heck, it's a relatively cheap lens and it was quite sharp. A great fun lens.

I upgraded to a NEX7 but hadn't tried the 3.5 Rokinor on it yet when I learned about the new compact 8mm. So I ordered the smaller 2.8mm Emount. Not a happy purchase. A purple/violet color cast fell on all shots not just some corner aberition. I called Samyang and a tech told me there is some incompatibility afflicting the matchup of the new compact 2.8mm 8mm lens and the NEX7. Apparently, this problem does not show up on the other NEX cameras. The tech said they are working on finding a fix for the problem. I hope they resolve it because I really liked the lens. Sharp and compact. Could be a Sony software problem, could be a lens design issue. I did take a couple shots with the old 3.5 fisheye on the NEX7 and got some overall purple color cast as well. I tend to think this is Sony's problem.

I just don't want a situation wherein I have to correct every shot's color balance.
I suppose if someone wanted the lens now for a NEX7, you could use the Sony menu option of making up a custom color balance and just select that balance when using the fisheye.

So eventually, I'll get another one of these in Samyang or Rokinor badge when the problem is fixed, however it is fixed.

The lens got returned.

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