Dye or pigment inks and refillable cartridges for Epson Artisan 1430

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Re: Dye or pigment inks and refillable cartridges for Epson Artisan 1430

Nicholas Sherman, ACS wrote:

Best source for Pigment and cart If you coose to go that route though the 1430 is designed for dye!


Thank you.

The reason I am looking towards pigment inks is that I would like to avoid Claria substitute inks. Do you know any that will give me good photo prints on glossy (luster) Premium paper? Will pigment inks you referred work properly on 1430?

I tried 3rd party cartridges with US made inks similar to Claria and all prints I made had noticeable green cast. On their web (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/12x-Ink-Cartridges-T0821-81N-82N-Epson-1430-Artisan-725-730-835-837-Printer-/261029753272pt=AU_Computers_Printer_Accessories&hash=item3cc695f1b8#ht_2406wt_1165)

was written: "Each ink cartridge has been manufactured to the highest OEM standards with ISO9001:2000 certified plant, and utilises equipment from Germany and Switzerland, ink from USA, and sponges from Germany"...

Kindest regards from Down Under.



The listing is no longer there.

These Compatible carts are not going to match OEM standards. Not even close.

And the statement about "Sponges for Germany" Sponges? Epson carts, either OEM, compatibles or refillables, have not has sponges for many many years. So I don't know what that's about.

Avoid EBAY carts like the plague!

The Dye inks from the two sources I quoted will match OEM about as close as you can possibly get.

Couple them with good high quality refillables and you should do well.

If you insist on going pigment, then the only ones that will aproach OEM are the ones from CONE Color at inkjetmall.com.

All other pigment inks will not produce good gloss. If you expect to get the prints you were getting with your Claria Dye inks on Glossy paper with Pigment inks, you will not be happy. Even is they were OEM they will never be like Claria inks.

Pigment inks do best on Matte and art papers. Epson Printers like the R1900 and R2000 actually use a gloss optimizer to cover up the effects of gloss differential pigment inks produce on Glossy and Luster papers.

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