New D7000 user needs technique/settings tips

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Re: New D7000 user needs technique/settings tips

Big Bang wrote:

So until I can afford LR4, a new lens and some filters I will shoot JPEG, play with settings, focus on the picture and try not to look (too much) at the 100% JPEG output. Though to be honest I'm sure I'll be coming back with add'l questions over time.

Don't be overly concerned about shooting RAW for now. If you are concerned about such things, try bracketing exposure and white balance by small increments so that you have different variations to pick from afterwards.

Does two things better than JPEG. The first is the ability to really adjust exposure, colour balance, noise reduction etc. beyond what you would be able to do with the out of camera JPEG file. However, as mentioned, you can also adjust these things while you are shooting. You can spend more time while you are taking the picture, or you can spend more time in post processing, but either way, you have to spend time somewhere.

RAW's second advantage is that you get the best possible rendition out of the file, for the crispest possible results. I wouldn't worry too much about this either. Even though in-camera sharpening is more 'crude' compared to post processing, for the most part, if you don't know what you are looking for, then you won't know how to produce it when you are post processing. So for the time being, it's okay to deal with sharpness purely with the in-camera sharpening setting.

In other words, these aren't the major things that will affect your image quality at this stage in the game.

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