New Voigtlander 42.5mm f0.95 lens

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Re: The 17mm f/0.95 made a lot of sense.....

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Arent these lenses a long way from the concept of m43?

M4/3 serves several markets; consumer, enthusiast/advanced amateur/semi-pro, pro level and cine. These lenses probably won't appeal to the average consumer but will probably appeal to those who are interested in leitz, zeiss, konica or nikon LTM or M glass as well as the m4/3 cine market. These are special lenses which will serve to expand the m4/3 system and help create an appeal to a broader base.

The Zeiss Contax G lenses which I do still own are now selling for something like 400$ on Ebay and they are much lighter. and costs about 1/3 of the price.

Yes, I agree that there are different markets. However because you are using MF lenses doesn't make you more "pro" or "enthusiast" than if you were using AF lenses. And using AF lenses doesn't automatically put you in the "average consumers" group. I find this quite contemptuous.

It seems that the Voigtländer lenses with their 0.95 aperture are appealing to videographers. But frankly : using a 42.5mm lens with an F0.95 aperture with a paper thin DOF without a split screen in the VF and without focus peaking.. well that calls for problems. You could still use that lens at F2.8 or F4.0... but then where is the advantage over other native MFT lenses offering AF ? and why would you drag that weight along ? Get those three Voigtländer monsters and you can just as well take a FF body along too. Where is the point in getting a small and light MFT body then ?

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great low light avialable light indoor lens.

The 25mm, f/0.95 made some sense-indoor available light 1/2 lenght portrait work....

but the 42.5mm f/0.95 lens really doesn't make any sense on a 4/3 sensor. It is an 85mm f/2.0 portriat lens FF equivalent and frankly 85mm f/2.0 doesn't really have enough DOF on FF to be very useful wide open. 85mm f/2.8 and above on FF is much more user frendly, so the Oly 45mm f/1.8 is just right for a 4/3 sensor.

The primary use of the 0.95 lenses today, just as in the rangefinder era is low light indoor work and 85mm equivalent is just a bit too long to be generallly useful indoors.

Not useless, but not very much general applicability.

Also, Voightlander already makes a very nice, fast 40mm M mount lens that is half the price of what this is probably going to cost.

So, all in all this lens doesn't make much sense.


Hmm, how odd that so many pro photographers shell out thousands of dollars for Canon's 85mm f/1.2 L lens!

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