REALLY wanna jump into Sigma, but what about a decent RAW workflow?

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Now, that's a way to turn my D700 into garbage.


It's quite late in the night in Brazil, but I just wanted to uptade this thread.

I saw the oficial DP3M samples, and my jaw dropped to the ground. I thought:  WHAAT ?????  nooooooooo...!! That's fre@king amazing !!

Wanted to see more, so downloaded SPP and several X3F files I could find (from the SD1 Merril), and tried Kendall's workflow.

Thanks Kendall !!

SPP > 16bit TIFF -2 exp. compensation > Camera RAW + 2 exp.

I played with a bunch of files, and my conclusion's are:

- SPP is garbage    I believe anyone would agree with that. It's just a bad software! Oh dear...

- it's a tremendously cumbersome workflow, and keeps me over the fence... on a busy day I can shoot more than a thousand shots, and cumbersome workflow is a no-no. It's a deal breaker, really.

- let's just forget about that for a moment, and just look at the IQ

What can I say? Foveon is indeed on a different league. Actually, it's on a different galaxy!

Oh well... I shouldn't have messed with Foveon files... now my Nikon D700 instantly looks like cr@p

And I gotta say it, that Foveon IQ has exactly the same look / feel as my digital back.  Now I can see how Sigma tried to pull those bold claims SD1 = DMF a while back.

It's is indeed DMF image quality, on a lighter package.

The colors, pixel sharpness, and overall rendering is simply light-years ahead of those boring CMOS sensors in Canikon.

I would risk to say: from a pure IQ point of view, I will feel bad if I choose the D800 over the SD1.

I've never had any special reactions when reviewing D800's files... never. Just boring, dull, flat Sony CMOS look. If you forget about DXO and the 36mp factor, it's actually a very uninspiring IQ.

But the moment these SD1 files popped in my screen, instantly, the largest ear-to-ear smile you can imagine covered up my face right away.

Foveon is indeed amazing. Period.

It would be the perfect combo with a digital back. The only problem is that fre@king cumbersome workflow

That's still holding me back... if it wasn't for that, I'd jump both feet in Sigma land right now.

Gotta think long, loooong, what should I do...

Can I live with that cumbersome workflow to have the most amazing IQ ? I really don't know, gotta medidate about that for some (long) time

Thanks everyone for the help!

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