C&C for this pic.

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Re: C&C for this pic.

View NX2 starts with the colors and settings that you chose in-camera for RAW files, whereas Adobe (and all non-Nikon RAW converters and editors) cannot read many of the in-camera settings.

I use View NX2 all the time:

  1. rename images upon import
  2. save in named folders upon import
  3. embed my copyright in imported images
  4. sort rate and cull images
  5. adjust exposure compensation
  6. adjust Picture Controls
  7. adjust brightness
  8. mild sharpen
  9. sometimes add a bit of color or contrast (or take away)
  10. crop

Most images look pretty good at this point if I had a good exposure of an interesting subject. I then use Capture NX2 for finishing the best images.

My advice is to continue to use View NX until you master it and find that you need the capabilities of other converters or software.

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