If it weren't for bad luck! (Grand Canyon)

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Re: If it weren't for bad luck! (Grand Canyon)

Peteo wrote:

Jim Beverlin wrote:

Scott - Still, nice shots. I like fog in pictures. Adds a certain mystique. Where I don't like fog is on the road. Tuesday night on 131 in the LP I had no idea where the road was. Or ice...........that recently set me back over $6K when I tired to turn around on a ice covered hill in rain and the truck just slid sideways into a tree. Damage was only to the door. So the LP can have truly lousy weather too. The UP does not have a lock on it.

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That's a bummer about your accident Jim and you're right. We had the same fog up here but now we've been blasted with snow the last few days which is good. The rivers and lakes need it badly.

Glad to see you're okay. As a manager of three body shops vehicles can easily be repaired or replaced but people can never be replaced. If you have any questions about your repair give me a holler and I'd be glad to review it for you.

Best of luck.


1st accident I have had in 40 years.  Truck was a 2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab.  Their 4wd systen works in conjunction with the ABS system and in the right conditions it can act like both the front and rear diffs are locked (like a Rubicon).  I was on a hill (at the peak) about .5 miles from home at 6:30 AM heading to work in Cadillac.  Raining pretty decent and the road was glare ice.  Just don't ask me why I was there since I have an option of another way to get out but I thought that would be worse.  Rural area and a private road (gravel) to boot.  Did not want to head downhill since there is a pretty sharp left hand sweeper and if I jumped the berm (real good possibility if I started to slide) I am only about 12 -15 ft from going into the Muskegon river (not a good option).  Tried to nose it into an abandon drive way and hope I could somehow turn it around.  Tried 4wd low and letting off the brake they broke loose too.  Back in 4wd Hi and the truck was not moving forward but sliding off the road.  The right rear made contact with some gravel and I am certain the left rear was spiinning at a good rate.  This combination along with the front wheels having zero traction acted like a pendelum effect and swung the truck into a tree.  The tree had a branch that had been partially sawed off and that shattered the door glass.  If I had a passenger they would have been injured or worse since the branch was protubing into the cab.

Nothing was salvageable including the inside door panel, regulator, hinges, door handle and related mechanism.  Side door beam was badly caved in.  The insurance company swore up and down there was damage to the rear bumper and right read tail light housing.  Those added up to close to $900.  The body shop manager and I went over both of the OEM parts and could only find a fine scratch in the tail light housing.

After that I tried to get out a walk (crawl) home but the wet ice caused me to fall 2X  so I managed to back down the hill and turn around.  The area that I turned around in was ice, gravel and a lot of mud.  Then the Tundra's 4wd system worked in my favor.  Winter tires helped too.  Got home and took my wife's SUV and went out the back road which I though would be worse and made it through without a problem (Biizzaks on a FJ Cruiser make a good combo in rotten weather conditions).  Despite all I was only 20 minutes late to work.

Not a good way to start a week since this happened on a Monday.

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