Has anyone with a K-5II or K-5IIS retested SDM lenses with a TC?

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Re: Thanks for your reply.

Russell Evans wrote:

That is about about how the 50-135mm does on my K-5, so it doesn't sound like anything has changed. I was hoping the newer -3EV spec would help and maybe Pentax had slipped in a fix in the K-5II series since they were talking about having the TC for sale this year.

Hi Russell,

FWIW: If you have a K-01 I suggest you give it a try with SDM and a 1.4X PZ_Af TC. I see a world of difference with the DA*300/4 + 1.4X PZ_Af. Of course this does not solve our problem of using TC's with our SDM lenses on the K-5, K-5 II/IIs.

Just because of what I see when using the DA*300/4 with a 1.4X PZ_Af with SDM on my K-5 or without SDM on my K10D with firmware 1.20, and comparing with 1.4X PZ_Af with HSM lenses on the K-5, I am convinced that we will never see a 1.4X from Pentax that will work properly with any SDM lens when used with SDM or with screwdrive. I believe that for some reason it cannot be done and that is why we havn't seen a 1.4X from Pentax even though we have been promised one for many, many years.

Just my opinion. YMMV.



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