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Re: I returned my 600ex

victorian squid wrote:

For the 600ex-rt.

At $440, the 600ex was a heck of a flash. I have triggers I love, and don't ever imagine buying a "bunch" of 600ex-rt's unless I win the lotto.

But after I thought about it - for the extra $120 (current instant rebate ends tomorrow), I'm future proofing myself. It's entirely probable that future EOS cameras will have the rt built in. And most probably a 440ex-rt. And that companies like Yongnuo will come out with rt compatible fashes, or even a st-e3-rt type unit.

Tough pill to swallow, but I didn't want to be kicking myself in a year or two.

Have you seen Neil Van Niekerk's review?

No I have not. Thanks for the link. Yep both Nikon and Yongnuo won't be far behind.

Me too. It hurt but I love he new system. No more triggers and cables, LCD comes on when you press any button and you can make it stay on. The menu/button layout is way better and one dedicated button on back switches it from master to slave for both RT and Optical.

Sold my mixed bag of flashes and triggers, purchased two 600's and the STE3. Just need one more and I will be set for a long time.

The group function is phenomenal. I can walk around with my flash meter and STE3 and shut off all other groups. Fire a group with the test button on the STE3 and make adjustments to that group and so on.

Unfortunately Sekonic's RT module frequency does not match Canon so I can't fire the flashes with it. It only works with PW. I called Sekonic and they have no intention of producing a Canon friendly module. They are in bed with PW.

So I cut the mini stand down to size (ordered a replacement) and attached a spare BR connector. Now I hang the STE3 from my belt and after setting up the lights it goes on the camera.

Also here is am important page from the manual explaining restrictions for cameras produced before 2012

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