Please share photgraphy tip(s) you've used

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Have an objective

If you just head out with your camera 'looking for things to take pictures of' you're going to probably come home with a lot of pics of pigeons, seagulls, leaves, squirrels, etc. etc. In other words you're facing an uphill battle to get a really good shot.  Go to public events, or interesting old neighborhoods, or something that really interests you that you'd like to share in photos.

And truly look at what you're photographing. Is the animal or person facing the other way? I see way too many shots of animals' and people's rear ends. Don't take pictures of backsides.

Look for interesting subjects, and look at what is in your picture before you press the shutter release.

Don't take photos facing into the sun, shooting a subject which has a shaded side facing you. That is not good lighting for taking photographs. Get an angle that puts good light on the subject for the camera to really get a good shot.

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You don't TAKE a photo, you MAKE a photo.

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