Lenses for Europe Trip?

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Re: Lenses for Europe Trip?

blue_skies wrote:

j450n74y wrote:

thanks for that Henry. I didn't think ild use the 55-210 much as i can't imagine ill be taking that with me as i:
-dislike carrying a big camera bag
-cant see too many shots needing that range
-good points about the clearimage zoom and being able to use that to get a better reach

19mm sigma sounds like a good option to have with the 16-50mm. i did find that on my last trip, even though i had my sigma 30mm..i wished i brought the 16-50mm instead as its just so much more flexible. this is when im carrying camera and lens only with no bag/other lenses.. but im thinking in europe i might have to carry a bag with me..

i liked your choices..and thats kinda what i was leaning towards.. hmm

dont have the 35mm..but thinking of selling some of the legacy lenses i have to make way so i can buy the 35..but unsure if it would be worth doing it..and bringing it even!

You don't need the E35, but the Sigma 30 or 19 are one full stop slower.

If indoors, use (bounce) flash (just pull the flash back - or get the 20AM flash unit with MAA adapter).

A full stop is not much, but you'll find that you are at ISO 1600 at 1/60th at f/1.8 already. With the Sigma you have to go to 1/30th, and that means bean bag, tripod, etc, or use ISO 3200.

When I took the E24Z (actually the, ZM 35/2.0 earlier), it made a big difference for me. Lots of shots (with family) are indoors at night, and I found the f/2.8 Sigmas too slow for that. (The wider angle is often better than the narrow, as it 'sees' more light).

In museums, inner-city, other indoors, etc., the f/2.8 does work fine. I took lots of indoor shots with the E16 at f/4 (because I did not want to use f/2.8) - and this works fine in Europe.

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Flash is not allowed in most museums and churches I have visited

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