First morning with the A57...

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Re: First morning with the A57...

Wow! Shooting @ 1/200 and rain streaks that long! Man, it must have been pouring!

Regards, Jim

stephent wrote:

Hi everyone, I have been waiting for awhile to replace my Minolta 7d and yesterday I did. I do own the NEX 5 and had no reason to need an DSLR as the NEX does a fantastic job. However my brother in law is getting married next month and as I use to work as a wedding photographer guess who got the job

After seeing the results possible from the 16mpx Sony sensor I do not believe a A65 or A77 was needed. I spent last night getting to know the camera, and without reading or loading the manuals found the camera very easy to run. The Fn button allows quick access to just about all I will need to play around with. The other menus are straight forward as well.

I spent this morning running through my lens collection on the camera. The best balanced on the camera body was the Minolta 24/105 which in the old days of film was my go to lens. Its a great fit and the test shots of my son are wonderfully sharp. For the wedding this will be on the camera most of the day.

I had hoped to run through some outdoor portraits but rain stopped play. I did however try out the Minolta 75/300, not the best lens but this photo of the birds in our backyard is not bad.

So after a few hours playing around with the A57 I could not be happier. I has got to be the best camera in its class and one that I look forward to using.



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