Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Re: Actually, Olympus has been surprisingly candid:

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:


I have the E-3 and 7D, so I monitor news about the E-7 and 7DII and also D400. It is interesting that in each forum many say the future is mirrorless and full frame with no room for anything I want. I expect at least one company to prove them wrong.


Well, Dan, I totally agree.

I've used big Canon cameras for sport for a few years as Olympus was useless for e.g. running.

Mirrorless is worse. I have two Panasonic G1s which I use for bike touring, fine for that, and a Nex-7 system which is also hopeless for anything moving. A great camera otherwise.

I still have my E3 and several lenses here in my holiday house in Spain. I love everything about it except the continuous af. The single af is even better than it for action!

If Olympus could put the sensor from the OMD in the E3 body with really good af they would have a cracking camera.

I bought the E3 because it had higher pixel density than the earlier canon body. I had the same experience as you with continuous af, so went with 7D when it came out.

I have had mirrorless cameras since before DSLR was available and put up with EVF limitations. I still prefer my old S2 and later SX50 for video as you get AF without having to use rear display.

The OMD sensor is better than 7D. In the E3 body with much better af, I will buy it. Unless Canon puts 24Mp in 7DII with similar high ISO first.


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