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I have been shooting weddings since the 90's. First started with a nikon F100 (film days) and the D70 was my first digital wedding camera. I also shoot events. My delivery method is DVD disc with high res files. I have one package and it is simple. My package is priced in a way that any bride with a decent budget could afford it. The question comes at times from the bride as to where is the best place to print a thank you card or a few photos for the grandparents but rarely are they looking to do any large prints and some print a few 8x10's. The thing is that I offered the photo books in the past but it became a little bit of an issue so I stopped doing them because:

-The profit was not high because brides know they can also create a photobook themselves the way they want to lay it out and know what the photo books cost. A lot of people are on a budget now days and they cut out extras when they can. Sure they and I know that I could do a better job with the layout but not all wanted to pay for it or make the profit worth it.

-Some brides would take forever to get back to me with the images they wanted in the book (A.D.D busy society) and the time it took to create the book and make changes was not worth the little profit that came from the photo book.

The brides I have dealt with rarely even consider a leather album (kind of dated to them). It is kind of sad that our images are files that live on a desktop and some make it to a facebook account, Ipad/Iphone, wallpaper on a computer or a digital photo frame. I am friends with most my brides and visit them at times and yet to see anything beyond 1 to 5 8x10's printed and that is even a rare thing to see. People view bridal photography as a way to capture the day but I think the demand for prints is just not the same in my world. I sometimes wonder why we as photographers do demand sooooo much from our work and I know that is what we are paid to do but it saddens me that most my 18-24 megapixel camera photos will never see the light of day on a print. Let alone anything above an 8x10. I think some photographers depending on market or budget can still be doing a lot of prints but I think that is the expectation. I would be doing prints all day if it was meant to protect the quality of my work but once you hand that disc over, it is up to the client how they display your work. Brides now days demand a disc and at that point you can only educate them on how to get good prints but they may still do the EASY way. I am also going to add that the good print labs are disappearing slowly. I also dont own a walk in studio so that has a lot to do with it. Maybe you can sell large prints if you have a physical studio but that is also not the what you usually see now days.

thanks for replying,what you're saying is true,i shot a jazz band here in new york city about 2 weeks ago with my d700/d600,the pictures came out really nice and the clients was very happy with the images when viewed on my calbrated hp laptop..3 days ago i got a call that the pictures were crap after some 5x7's were printed at duane reade drug stores...i referred them to use a pro digital lab that i trust and have used in the past..and voila..the pictures were now excellent..WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD.happy shooting nikonfan99

Yes I don’t tell my brides to go to CVS or use a kiosk at the wallmart either

I do send them a list of good labs and tell them what kind of paper to print on and what settings to use just in case. I also tell them to upload at high res when printing or posting on facebook. I give them the tools just in case one day the want a print. Even when I do tell them the info, they want the link and password to the gallery and just upload to facebook and overlook the print info. I also tell them I can do it for them but the truth is that the disc with the high res files is what they ask for the most. Like another photographer stated here, you can try to control the print process by not giving out the disc but that will cost you clients and maybe some photographers in some markets can do that but for me I could not afford to let a bride walk. I have other photographers that work in my area that charge $8000 for a wedding and only sell prints. They do not given a disc but they book very few events but when they do it is a high end client that pays it and will also buy a few $700 albums and large fine art prints. That is not the clients I work with. My brides usually have a budget of around $2,000 for photos and most are young and think albums are okay but just want a disc. So I do what they want. It is not my wedding or what I think is the best. Some brides are tech savvy and also artistic and they know that they can create photo books at a good cost and can design it the way they want it. Again this is what works for them and me.

In the film days I would keep my negatives. Print a few 8x10's and two sets of 4x6 images of all the photos and could sell prints but that was also short lived till people started scanning photos at home. Soon after digital I started to see my business change and local mom and pop labs started falling off the map. Within the last year Ritz Camera shut down and penn had to close down and get bought out. We live in great times as far as technology but at the same time it costs us in other ways. The newspapers are the biggest victims of digital media/internet along with music and every other source that technology has touched.

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