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Wheatfield wrote:

lanef wrote:

Good points aus4ever, I have repeated that so many times, the number of hours they use their cars per week compared to the number of hours they use their guns, if they were equal there would be no one left in the US. Those brain dead zombies will never get that because they are f*cked in the head so much, you are wasting your time trying to drill some minimum sense out of a zombie brain, only a civil war would resolve their mass shooting problem.

Are you kidding? The side that lost will blame the defeat on not having enough guns, and the arms race will start all over again.

This will not be resolved until the last American dies, after taking a gut shot from the second last American.

This brings up an interesting point: do illegal immigrants count as Americans in this case?

If not, there would only be illegal immigrants plus one  left after the last shootout.

But then , how could they be considered illegal if there were no "legals" to make that call?

Am I onto something here?


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