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Richard Spangler wrote:


There are watches that cost 3 or more times the price and all they do are tell time. People buy them because they can and enjoy them. There are the people that bash them and say "why the hell would you pay more then$100 for a watch" as it just tells time. People have the right to buy whatever they want with their money and I am still convinced some of these people are envios on here that are complaining. There are about 3 people (trolls) that keep posting about the RX1 being over priced but many of us that actually have and use the camera realize it is not at all. Many agree it exceeds the M9/35mm at a third the price.

I keep seeing the comments how a D600/D800 with Sigma 35 etc is just as good and you can change lenses/faster AF. Yes it may be as good IQ/Lens/Sensor wise but part of the reason why people go with the RX1 is the size. I would rather carry that around in my jacket pocket any day then my D800 with a Sigma 35 that is huge. I loved walking around SF with the RX1. It feels so much more liberating then dragging the D800 and i'm even getting more shots I would miss with the D800 due to its size and intimidation factor. If I need a bit of zoom I have the RX100.

If its not for you then don't buy it. That is a choice you have. No one is trying to convince you to buy it. Many of us that have the camera like to share our experiences and enjoyment of the camera.

Also agree 100%, what is really funny is that most likely most of us who purchased the RX1 already have a very good  DLSR with a collection of lenses.So we really don't care if you can get the D600 or D800 for a decent price because we already have one or something similar, yet we still purchased the RX1 .We know how good those cameras are but we still wanted the RX1 and as I said before , its nobodies business but our own why we bought it.I do not buy or not buy anything because someone else says I should or shouldn't. I do my homework and make my decisions on what I feel suits my likes or dislikes and that is all that matters.I did not marry everyone else's wife. Yet that would be interesting.     WC

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