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Re: A good question. Probably not.

Bill Sylvester wrote:

This is something I've been talking about with my photographer friends.

I'm not a professional photographer, I don't sell anything.

I think for the average person the answer is no. When was the last time somebody brought out a stack of prints to show you pictures? I can't remember. If somebody wants to show me pictures they are more likely to whip out their phone, or ipad or send me to check out their facebook page.

I work at branch campus of a state university. The digital photography/photoshop class here is getting rid of their pair of large format printers because they don't print anything any more.

Notice that the new wireless capable cameras transfer pictures to cell phones. I think cell phones are the new way photos are viewed. Not prints.

I would say that I usually print around a dozen pictures a year. And I send them out to a on-line photo lab in one batch. My ink-jet hasn't been used for years.

thanks for replying..printing going the way of the dinosaur?these days its "email me some pictures"

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