Focusing noise recorded in video with 24-85VR?

Started Feb 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Focusing noise recorded in video with 24-85VR?

D200_4me wrote:

Those of you with the D600 kits with the 24-85VR lens, do you hear the lens focus noise in the recorded videos you make? Mine is very loud in the video. You can hear the high pitched focus sound in the video when it changes focus. When you're not recording, you can also hear it in still image mode when you're focusing (auto focus). It's not really loud, but it's loud enough that you can hear it VERY loud in recorded videos.

Does this happen to you or do I have a bad one? I thought this lens was supposed to be mostly silent when focusing.

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Yes, it's loud on mine as well. I also have a screw-focus lens (Tamron 28-105 constant 2.8, wonderful lens) and it's even louder with that lens.

I concluded that I would need to use an external mike if I wanted to create a decent-quality video. the focusing noise is a non-starter for useable video in my opinion.

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