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Len_Gee wrote:

Stephen McDonald wrote:

All new cameras are criticized, some heavily so. The main reason is that most of the photos posted here from them and on websites like Flickr, are poorly done. The models I use get the same treatment as the RX cameras. The users of all of them pick mostly uninteresting subjects or frame them badly. Many are overexposed and not focused sharply. The DOF is often so shallow, that not even all of the main subjects are sharp. Are the RX models good performers? You'd have to find out elsewhere or on your own, as not much evidence can be found around here.

If the RX users perceive that they are getting more than their share of criticism, it's obviously because about 90% of the posts here are about them. They do more than their share of crowing about how great these cameras are and then don't back it up with good demonstrations of quality. The mutual-admiration society their users have established, rewards posters of mediocre to worse photos with remarks like, "excellent", "very sharp", "tempting" and "great example of what this camera can do". The fact they have paid so much for these results, makes others more likely to levy their uncomplimentary judgements.

I have noticed that the few early users of the RX100 who posted very good photos from it, have drifted away from the nonsense that prevails here. Most of those who use other Sony models are also gone or only rarely participate. Read the forums for the other camera brands and you see that this forum is now regarded mostly as a joke.

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So are you saying that 90% owners of the RX1 post poor or artistically boring photos here is due to low pornographic skills?

But , there will be those who buy the RX1 just because they can, and want one , because cost is no object to them. They could care less that a cheap p&s can capture the same picture at a fraction of what they paid for the RX1. I see nothing wrong with that if it makes them happy.



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