500mm f4 II and Extender 2x III ?

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Re: 500mm f4 II and Extender 2x III ?

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Daniel L wrote:

If i were to upgrade my 500 IS to newer version of supertele, it's the 600 IS II. I rather have longer supertele with 1.4x than shorter one with 2x. The latter can't do BIF.

"The 2X can't do BIF". Is it because the 2X (even the mark 3) will drag down AF so much, or because only the center AF point is useable, that makes BIF difficult?

​As shy as birds are in my country, I often do this, so "can't do" is an exaggeration. But the AF performances is really limiting. In good light I have reasonable success with storks, herons, egrets, gulls, geese, ducks, birds of prey, crows and even some terns (genus Sterna, much less with Chlidonias, different style of flight).

BTW: I use the old 500L IS with the 2xIII on a 1DIV. The Mk II lenses should be even better. And: I usually stop down to f/11 for better contrast which shouldn't be necessairy with the 500L IS II.


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I live in the city, Dallas. Birds are extremely shy as oppose to guys from Florida. I have to try 10 times harder to get a few keeper. I guess i don't get that much chances to try BIF on 2x from where i live. If one try hard enough, i am sure it can nail one with 2x. I never got one i can live with the sharpness.

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