Flare added by filters

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Re: Flare added by filters

billythek wrote:

Yep, it is the filter causing this. Disappointing, eh?

No, as I stated i was relieved to find it was the filters, not the lens, that caused the flare.

Which particular filter models are you using? Are they multi-coated?

Hoya 82mm HD Digital Protector Screw in Filter

Hoya 82mm Pro-1 Digital Circular Polarizing Filter

Both filters are multi-coated, yes.

I've seen similar problems even with very expensive B+W multi-coated filters, though, with certain lighting situations. The problem is the filter is a lot farther forward than the lens, and more exposed to any sources of flare or reflections.

That makes sense.

You probably bought the filter thinking it would improve your pictures, right? Surprise, surprise.

Pola-filter to filter away unwanted reflection and to saturate the pictures in some situations. Protector filter for protection, right? It might be more psychological than practical, but I feel better knowing that the chunk of very expensive glass has a little bit of protection so I'll stick with that for the time being.

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