Got a stand and umbrella but...

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Re: Got a stand and umbrella but...

Starshot wrote:

Using the flash on a stand and umbrella seems to give a shadow on the face, like an unlighted side. I think I like on camera bounce flash indoors better than off camera flash.

This doesn't apply to out doors of course though.

Does anyone feel this way or am I doing something wrong?

If you're using a single light, get a large reflector. A big piece of white formcore works really well.

You'll want the reflector to be large (As large as the subject you're shooting) and as close to the subject as you can get it, just out of frame. Aim your umbrella so some of the light spills onto the reflector.

It's easiest to set things up with studio flashes that have modeling lights. You can position the umbrella and reflector so that you like what you see, then take the picture. Failing that you'll have to experiment.

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