THANKS to ANTIgunners............

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Re: THANKS to ANTIgunners............

lanef wrote:

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G. Gray wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

In case you did not notice the anology between guns and automobiles....

Guns and automobiles again? It's one of NRA's favorite dumb cards for dumb people.

And what would you know about the NRA?
You seem to attach some importance to that card. Does that make you one of the dumb people?

Look, it is gun advocates like you who repeatedly bring up this silly 'cars kill more people than guns' argument and refuse to see these facts.

1. Automobiles are necessities, guns are not for most people.
2. Guns are weapons designed to wound, if not kill; automobiles are design for transport.
3. Automobiles are used much often than guns.

Good points aus4ever, I have repeated that so many times, the number of hours they use their cars per week compared to the number of hours they use their guns, if they were equal there would be no one left in the US. Those brain dead zombies will never get that because they are f*cked in the head so much, you are wasting your time trying to drill some minimum sense out of a zombie brain, only a civil war would resolve their mass shooting problem.

It is the misled trying to mislead other people, the confused trying to confuse other people.
Really not everyone can be trusted with lethal weapons.

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