What's the line on an X Pro 2 in 2013

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Tom Schum
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Re: What's the line on an X Pro 2 in 2013

TThorne wrote:

Here are my predictions, but they are pretty obvious:

+Hybrid phase detection pixels

+Split Screen focus

+Focus peaking

+Diopter adjustment

+20 or so megapixels

+Better AF and MF overall

+Min SS in Auto ISO

+EC in Manual mode


Weather sealing

1/8000 shutter speed

What would really impress me would be a subset:

Focus peaking = nice feature, I like it, but it could just be a firmware update.

Weather sealing = nice feature, if it is possible to get a lens or two that are also sealed.  Without the lens, it isn't much use.  Besides, how do you weather seal while you are changing lenses?

Additional feature I'd like to see:

Enhanced JPG processing delivering larger OOC JPG files.  But this could just be a firmware update too.

What would steer me away from the next step in the evolution of this product would be:

More megapixels = less performance in low light, no thanks.

Hybrid phase detect focus = pixel locations always interpolated out in the real images, so a net loss of detail, and always in the same locations on every image.  No, thanks.  Call me a Luddite, but I think the days without this feature are numbered, so this is the best time to buy a X-E1 or X-Pro1.

Split Screen focus = a gimmick, sorry not impressed.  But focus peaking is also a gimmick...

Diopter adjustment = have it on the X-E1, would not be a surprise to see it on an X-Pro2

Better AF and MF overall = my X-E1 seems to be doing just fine, and it is no better than the X-Pro1 if I am not mistaken.

Min SS in Auto ISO = nice feature to add but not that important to me.

EC in manual mode... don't know what that is, sorry.

1/8000 shutter speed = less shutter life for this increase in performance is my guess.  No thanks.

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