Suggestions for Portrait Lens for a D7000

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Re: Suggestions for Portrait Lens for a D7000

Recommending "your" expensive lenses to a user who already stated that they expect a recommendation which will "not cost an arm and leg".

I think you are smart enough to be aware that not everybody can afford those Voigtlander or f/1.2 lenses. So this makes posts like yours a show-off rather than useful recommendation.

Sorry, couldn't help criticising.

Voigtlander 58 f/1.4 is $489 new.

Nikon 55 f/1.2 is $399 on in EX condition

Tamron 60 f/2 is $424 new.

I gave three reasonable priced portrait lenses for DX. $489 for the most expensive lens on the list is not "an arm and a leg". In fact it is right about the same that a new Nikon 85 f/1.8 AFS G costs, which is the equivelent focal length on FX. Oh, yes! That is the same Nikon 85 f/1.8 that the OP said he was considering in the opening post. And $399 for an f/1.2 lens is a real bargain.

Perhaps you should do some research before you criticize others.

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