Need help learning to use my new D7000

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Re: Need help learning to use my new D7000


When I first got my D7000, I was also over whelmed with the myriad of buttons and dials. Like you, I was not a neophyte with cameras, I've had FM2, FE2, N90S, Sony Cyber Shot and Canon Power Shot cameras, but the D7000 seemed, too much over my head. My learning curve might be helpful to you. I took some pretty terrible pictures at first, mixed in with some nice shots. I tried to read everything about the D7000, but soon backed off and learned the D7000, one feature at a time. First I focused (accidental pun) on the D7000's Auto focus system. AFC, AFA, AFS, focus points and tracking. Once I got a handle on Auto Focusing, I moved on to Exposure Settings, Spot Center, Matrix. I had over a thousand test shots just to see what each change would do. You can slowly learn the D7000 but you have to take pictures, a lot of pictures. You can't learn the camera by reading about it.

I would recommend that you first find the AUTO mode and SCENE Modes on the Mode Dial and take lot of pictures of your family, as the SCENE Mode calls for. When you make the transition from taking pictures to making pictures, learn each feature and control, one at a time, until you you know how each change will affect the image. But you have to take pictures, lots of bad pictures and learn to self correct exposure, shutter speed, focus, etc.

Classes are very useful, they will introduce you to all the features, but you have to take pictures and be critical of your own pictures and analyze how to correct. I'm currently laboring over Flash and slow sync, rear curtain, etc. Taking a class would be useful, but I think that my understanding of the camera's workings is deeper, when I see how each little change affects the image I make.

Good Luck, take lots of pictures.


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