P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

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Re: P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

Greynerd wrote:

Nikonworks wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

Nikonworks wrote:

bazzap101 wrote:

Wet rain???

As opposed to???

Nikonworks wrote:

There is nothing to be derived from these photos except the gloss on the street surface and car surfaces, due to the wet rain, has been reduced/eliminated by my CP.

Thanks for the catch, I apparently had in mind wet surfaces from rain as opposed to damp surfaces on a rainy day. There is a difference in the reflectiveity of these conditions.

I must be careful with my phrasing as now that you caught this someone could have marked it down to a bit of sarcasim.

I guess I can stand with either interpretation.

Thanks again.

Why do you specifically say circular polariser as though this is an important factor.

Simple, because a Circular Polarizer is the subject of this thread which I started.

Surely a linear polariser would work just as welll with a non SLR/SLT camera.

What does a camera body have to do with any choice in polarizers?

| The emphasis on Circular for the polariser always sounds strange to me in the compact forums.

Your statement sounds strange to me.

| Why not just say a polariser?

Because I spent extra money for my Circular Polarizer and want to select the effect of polarization on my images.

| It does confuse people who think you have to use a circular polariser.

It seems to confuse you, I doubt it confuses most photogs.

And please check your spelling, are you correct or is mine correct?

The camera body has an effect as for a DSLR/SLT you need unpolarised light to reflect off the mirror in some planes for the viewfinder and phase detectors so the circular polariser has a filter after the polarising layer to circularly polarise the light. This is not always necessary for mirrorless cameras. I used a Linear polariser with no problem on an SX40. Apparently a Linear Polariser can sometimes defeat the anti aliasing filter so the circular type is safer to use.

The spelling with an S is the English spelling. You use a Z in the States.

So you have to settle for whatever effect your LP gives due to its resting place once installed on your lens?

Now I am confused. Please clarify and please provide a procedure of your use of the LP.

Thank you.

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