Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

Joelartino wrote:

After reading all of your posts, I still can't figure out what is your point? Perhaps you should read up on digital sensors and imaging and understand the laws of physics a bit. There are finite limits to what processors and lenses can achieve, and photography is a means to create images of beauty and power, not to waste time and energy on minute imperfections in the output while pixel peeping.

Why bother if your focus is on "noise" as opposed to focusing on creating quality images?


That is a very fair question, and one I've been asked by many people, including those that say I should just use a phone camera because its about making memories, not surveillance photos for the CIA.  So here is my point:

1) I love high resolution photos - just like high color saturation makes me physically feel good when I look at it, so does seeing clear, crisp images.  I've always been able to see pixels - I can't help it.  Some people see no difference in retina displays, but to me it's like we finally landed on the moon after 20 years of dreaming.

2) It's always depressing to me if you have to take a step backwards.  If after a decade of picture quality always getting better, it has to get worse again.  Of course, it's never getting worse in every dimension - people wouldn't accept that.  But the tradeoffs start getting harder.

If I have to accept it, I will accept it and move on.  But I have come to you kind folks, ones with real experience, to see if there are in fact some better alternatives for me.  And I have not been disappointed at all - thank you all so, so much.  Not to mention the folks who kindly posted their own RX-100 photos that make me think perhaps there *is* something wrong with mine...

Incidentally, before my first digital camera I used 35mm film for all kinds of shots, and I blew a great deal of my photos into posters as big as 48"x36".  I loved making my own posters.  It's a lot harder to do that now.  My fear is that in the not too distant future, whenever there's an awesome photo to be seen, people will say, "it's a shame that ordinary people can't ever make photos like that.  That's just something professionals do with thousand dollar cameras." It's gotten to the point where if I'm watching a movie, I'll see some ordinary scene of someone walking around the corner of a stone house, and I'll think, "Good God, I have no way of taking a photo like that anymore..."

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