Superglue fix for D600?

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Not good enough. How about this...

jon404 wrote:

On a different topic in Open Talk, Draek noted that a poster could superglue a 35/2 lens to his DSLR, to avoid drowning in too much gear.

Which got me thinking about all this D600 dust spot stuff. Would supergluing a lens onto the D600 stop sensor dust spots? As for the lens, I'm thinking maybe a short manual-focus zoom, like a 28-70 equiv Nikon. Would work for about 95% of all our pictures, wouldn't it?

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Jonathon Donahue -- Olympus XZ-1 tips at

Put the camera in sensor cleaning mode. Perform a complete "wet cleaning"

Apply a thin coating of clear silicone caulk evenly over the image sensor. Allow to dry for 12 hours.

Once you do that no more oil or dust should get on your sensor, ever. There might be a slight reduction in image quality, but what price, freedom from dust?

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